The cost of designing and implementing the area and green space in 2024

Costs of design and implementation of grounds and green spaces

Design cost:

Design and 3D Max per square meter of green space from $99 to $100,000

1_ Designing and building all kinds of wooden and metal structures

2- Designing and implementing fountains, pools, ponds, waterfalls, bonfires, barbecues, and artificial lakes with water purification

3- Design and implementation of green space and roof garden with the best method and the best and most suitable flowers and plants

4- Lighting and irrigation of the area and green space

5- Green space maintenance services in villas and apartments and office and commercial complexes

Green space design tariff:

The executive price varies up to 10% according to the workload and workshop conditions.

Tariffs for landscaping and green spaces are uncertain due to the fluctuation of prices in different seasons and years and have always been subject to major changes.

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Green space is the definition of a place whose surface is covered by trees, plants and other things such as flowers and grass.

Since the distant past, green space has existed as a place for people to relax, have fun and beautify every building and city. In today’s era, due to the congestion of cities and air pollution, the importance of the existence and design of green space has doubled to the extent that it is an important part of the construction of every city. It has become an urban area and structure (apartments or villas).

The important thing about the green space is its design. In this article, we have tried to examine the issues related to this topic and answer your frequently asked questions about it.

The text below is an article collected by the engineering department of Pardis Sazeh, with more than a decade of activity in building construction and project design, including green space design.

Landscape Designer

Green space design is not simply the meaning and concept of green space, i.e. planting trees and plants, but it is something beyond this definition, that is, the design, arrangement and correct implementation of all the elements related to the green space together, such as the correct and appropriate implementation and placement of things. Such as pavilions, ponds, fountains, flooring and sidewalks, furniture, lighting, plants (flowers, plants, trees and greenery) and several other similar items.

The implementation and design of the green space should be entrusted to someone who has the necessary expertise in this field because this work requires a person who can implement art and beauty based on science and technology so that finally a durable and standard work is implemented.

You can refer to Pardis Sazeh website in this field (consultation for green space design), implementation and design of green space around apartments, roof gardens, villas and yards are among the cases.


Landscaping is one of the basic principles of green space design. The site is the place where the green space is implemented. The site may be the roof of the house or around the building (yard or balcony).

The size and area of the area depends on the opinion of the employer. Experts in the implementation and design of the green space determine the location of things such as fountains, plants, grass and other similar items (the choice of these items can be according to the taste of the employer or the designer) according to the overall area of the area.

Also knowing the type of water, air, and soil (if necessary and at the discretion of experts in the design and implementation of green space, the area will be embanked or excavated).

The area before planting all kinds of plants (flowers and trees) is one of the tasks of the designer and the implementer, which is very important because it affects the longevity of the plants.

Another important aspect of landscaping is to comply with all standards so that, in addition to the beauty and pleasantness of the space, safety is also observed.

Park animation

Tower and landscape design and animation

How is the design of the green space of the villa?

The design of the green space of a villa depends on the area where the villa is built (north, south, west and east).

Because the plant or tree that the employer likes may not grow in that area.

For example, a person may suggest a green boxwood plant for the landscaping of her villa located in the north.

If this plant is not compatible with the water, soil and air of the north, for the landscaping and design of the green space of the villa, at first, according to the area that is available.

The initial plan of the green space is drawn and the location of items such as swimming pool, fountain, furniture and other items is determined.

Also, the type of irrigation of plants is of great importance in order to prevent water wastage and excessive watering with the correct method.ر

Roof garden green space design

Implementation and creation of green space on roofs is called roof garden.

That is, the level on which the green space is implemented is higher than the ground level, which is often implemented on roofs and roofs.

In the roof garden, you can implement all kinds of furniture, such as wooden benches, grass (natural or artificial), flowers, plants and other elements. In general, the roof garden can be implemented in the following two types:

  1. Concentrated roof garden: In this type of implementation, you can plant all kinds of bushes and plants, from plants such as basil and oregano to fruit plants such as watermelon and tomato, because in the concentrated roof garden you are allowed to grow plants with a size of 30 cm.
  2. Wide roof garden: The extensive roof garden has a shallower soil depth than the concentrated type, and must be planted with plants that have short roots.

How is the implementation and design of the green space of the concentrated roof garden?

As we mentioned, in this method, you can grow plants that have deep roots, so before implementing and designing a concentrated roof garden, you should observe some points for the infrastructure of this type of green space, which are:

  • The roof should be sloped correctly and optimally with pumice, but be careful not to add too much weight to the roof (following this point will lead to excess water such as rainwater being directed to the subfloors and preventing water from accumulating).
  • Implementation of thermal isogam (primer and epoxy can be used in the form of mortar instead of isogam) for water layering.
  • Using an anti-root layer (anti-root layer is its scientific name) to prevent roots from penetrating into the roof.
  • The last point that should be implemented on the above items is the protective layer. This layer should be created and implemented on them after the sealing and anti-root layer. This layer is more than mortar or stone mosaic.

During the implementation of the centralized roof garden, in addition to observing the mentioned items, some other points should be implemented and observed to prevent water from penetrating to the lower floor in all vertical barriers and sealed borders, which are:

  • Placing the blade or wall covering to an average size of 25 cm above the finished floor
  • Isogam of the walls, note that the isogam must be uniform, but if this is not possible, the isogam of the wall should fall on the isogam of the floor.
  • Using stone, ceramic or mortar to protect the waterproof layer

How much does the implementation and design of green spaces cost?

The price of green space design depends on the type of green space, whether it is a villa, roof garden, apartment or other types.

Other factors affecting the final cost of green space design include the size of the green space, the type of flowers and plants used, the type of furniture and other elements, as well as the quality of the materials used.

After these cases, it is important to whom you entrust the implementation and design of the green space to, because the expert staff, in addition to the appropriate salary at the end of the work, must deliver quality and standard work to you.

Lawn care tips:

Before starting lawn work, pay attention to the following:

  • Before sowing, uproot the weeds and plow the soil and fertilize it with animal manure.
  • Planting grass seeds should be done in autumn or early spring (when the temperature is around 10 degrees and it doesn’t get too cold at night).
  • About 40 to 50 grams of seed are sprinkled per square meter (a large amount of seed will make the grass weak and thin, and a small amount will result in a thin grass)
  • The suitable soil for lawn should have a pH of about 6 to 6.8.
  • Be sure to add animal manure to the soil.
  • In the first week, water the seeds 3 to 5 times a day. After about 2 to 3 weeks, the grass will sprout, then water it once a day.
  • The size of the grass should be about 2 to 3 cm. So, when the grass size is about 8 cm for the first time, cut it.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Green space design is only planting trees and plants?

No, but it is something beyond this definition, that is, the design of the arrangement and the correct implementation of all the elements related to the green space together and the proper placement of gazebos, ponds, water features, flooring, sidewalks, furniture, tree lighting, etc. .

How much does it cost to design and implement green spaces?

In general, the price of green space design depends on the type of green space, i.e. whether it is a villa, roof garden, apartment, or other types. More details can be found on the site of Pardis Sazeh.

What are the other things that affect the cost of green space design?

The size of the green area

The type of flowers and plants used

and other elements

All services can be implemented as contract management or fixed contract.
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